Cycling Monologues No 8 – The Turbo Geek

“So anyway I’ve started going on the turbo I really love it I do about 5 sessions a week sometimes I do Trainer Road or Sufferfest or watch something on You Tube and I’ve just tried Zwift this online thing but I’m not sure about that it’s a bit boring you want my opinion people say you should get outside but I think the turbo is just as good I mean it’s still cycling okay I know you don’t have the wind resistance and the weather or the crap road surface and other riders and cars and traffic and traffic signals and blind spots and the whole social aspect of waving at other cyclists who don’t wave back and shit but apart from that it’s just the same, I fancy one of those posh smart trainers with like a power meter that adjusts the resistance as you ride but they’re about a grand or something I don’t have that that’s just mental I can’t afford that I’ve just got a basic turbo but I do 45 minutes to an hour every day it’s a great work-out it’s set up in the garage I think it really builds up your strength and fitness you can do cadence drills and high intensity intervals or endurance stuff I do a lot of that God but it’s cold in there I have some music I listen to Rihanna and Bieber and stuff which helps there’s no window so you sweat a lot I could do with a fan if I’m honest with you of course it wears your tyres out I’ve got these special tyres but they’re still worn out apparently there’s loads of pro riders on Zwift and there’s a community of riders I’m not really part of that to be perfectly honest I don’t know if it’s making me stronger I don’t notice it on the turbo and I don’t ride on the road any more I don’t have the time so I can’t say but it must be right I might try the Watt bike up at Cadence or do a spin class at David Lloyd or something they’re supposed to be good it’s quite soul destroying and boring really I don’t know how people do it you watch videos on You Tube but it’s not the same and it’s hard to keep motivated I wish I was in like a club or something so I could ride with other people and make some friends I hate it if I’m honest.”

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