Cycling Monologues No 4 – The Ebay Stalker

So anyway I just got these wheels on Ebay they’re like Zipps well I mean they’re not real Zipps but just as good guess how much go on guess you’re wrong way wrong I got them off some bloke he’d only used them a couple of times not a mark on them well hardly anyway that’s the thing about Ebay if you know what you’re looking for you can get some great stuff I got this saddle off Ebay I was really lucky I only paid 6 quid for it it’s hardly been used and I’ve sold loads of stuff too I had these Speedplay pedals which I sold they were shit I got 60 quid for them plus postage but don’t use Paypal you pay a fortune in fees some people say it’s all crap and been nicked but it’s not true I got these shorts off Ebay Castelli  they are well not real Castelli obviously they’ve only been worn a couple of times the bloke said only 20 quid was all look feel that fabric no go on feel it and that chamois hardly stained is it, I sold my old Dolan TT frame shit it was had a crack in it but the bloke never noticed I got 300 quid for it I tell you there’s some right mugs on Ebay my Kask helmet yeah I got that off Ebay some bloke never raced or rallied I mean it’s not a real Kask obviously there’s a lot of people buy gear and they don’t use it and they sell it on Ebay you know one man’s crap is another man’s bargain and all that I got these tyres Contis they are hardly used only 10 quid never had a puncture well only a couple but you expect that I have this app it’s called Ebay Sniper it’s brilliant it does the bidding for you it’s magic I always use that I bid for some Rapha shoes but I just lost out I’m going to sell my Colnago next it’s got full Ultegra and everything except for the chain and the brakes and the rear derailleur obviously you can sell anything on Ebay I used to use Bike Radar but I got fed up of course I offer it to the Old Ports first on the forum I’m after some TT bars know anyone who’s selling any ‘coz Ebay is rubbish you just get ripped off and it’s all just adverts and crap from China I’m never doing that again I tried one of those cycle jumble things it was great I got a tandem frame now all I need are the rest of the bits group-set and stuff and I can get it built up do you know anyone who could build it up for me cheap I suppose I could try Ebay.


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