Cycling Monologues No 15 – The Bianchi Rider

“So anyway now I’ve got 5 Bianchis why not they’re gorgeous did you know they were the first Italian cycle brand probably the first anywhere iconic they are I’ve got an Oltre that’s the road racer and a Sempre that’s like a winter bike and an Infinito that’s an endurance all day sportive type bike really comfortable not that I do sportives ha ha of course they’re all celeste that iconic Bianchi colour some people call it green or blue or turquoise but it’s not any of these it’s Bianchi celeste and it’s the perfect colour Fausto Coppi rode a Bianchi and so did Pantani I’ve got the same version that he rode steel it is not that I can climb like him ha ha there’s something about Bianchi they’re different from other bikes I’ve got celeste brake hoods and a celeste saddle bag and a pump and celeste pedals I’ve got a celeste Bianchi wool jersey it’s not original it’s a copy I got it from Prendas Cyclismo I look a right twat to be honest with you but who cares it’s iconic they’ve just brought out a new one not Prendas Bianchi it’s called Specialissima and it’s like 12 grand, full Super Record EPS of course and the logos they’re not stuck on they’re painted you can’t tell of course they don’t look any different but still it’s nice to have I wonder if the wife would let me buy one of course all my bikes have got Campag well you couldn’t have Shimano could you that would be sacrilege, Chorus on the Oltre, Veloce on the Sempre, Athena on the Infinito that’s a fabulous bike it has special inserts in the fork which reduce vibration and road noise I can’t tell if I’m honest I’ve always preferred Bianchis never cared much for a Colnago there’s a Bianchi Owners Club which I want to join I can’t imagine a Giant Owners Club can you they organise events and stuff they’re used by Lotto Jumbo in the peloton not my favourite team they have their own brand for brakes and stuff Reparto Course it is no I don’t know what it means I’ve always had Bianchis they’re iconic I’m not sure what that means but they are I bought one for my wife she loves it some people say that the celeste colour is a bit girly but I don’t think that I’ll probably always have Bianchis is it chi as in cheese or chi as in key I’m still not sure who cares I like those new black Canyons.”

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