Alright bruv?

Yeah man, you?

You know, okay I s’pose.

What ‘cha doing?

This ‘n that. Y’ know.

Seen her?


Don’t give me that. You know who I mean. Have you seen her?

Yeah. Around.


I said, didn’t I? Around. Here, there, everywhere. Around.

Who’s she with?

I dunno. I ain’t seen her with anyone. I just seen her.


Yeah. Alone. Mostly.

What d’you mean, mostly? Who you seen her with?

I seen her with Pete once. Yeah, Pete. I seen him.

When was that? Where?

Couple of days ago. They was at KFC.

What day?

What’s it today? Thursday. It was Tuesday. Yeah, it was Tuesday.

What was they doing?

They wasn’t doing nothing bruv. Hanging out. You know. Eating, hanging out.

That’s my woman man. You know that. Why you didn’t tell me? That’s the bit I don’t get. Yeah, I’m struggling with that.

I just tole you dint I? I just tole you.

You tole me now, yeah. But was you goan tell me? I don’t think so bruv.

I was man. I was.

I don’t believe you man. I mean, I want to but I don’t believe you.







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