Cycling Monologues No 23 – The Spinner

“So anyway I just did this spinning session oh god I literally thought I was going to die I was sweating like a you know what anyway there’s like 20 of us and it’s led by Jo she is amazing she just really pushes you my heart was at like 185 for the whole session and it’s normally you know 80 anyway she takes you through this routine of high intensity intervals I’ve never been so tired you should come along no it’s not like going on the turbo or that Zwift shit you do this is completely different I mean okay it’s a bike yeah but it’s so much more than that apparently Gwynneth Paltrow does it and like Cheryl Cole and all of Sky they have this really fast music you know like Rihanna and Bieber and stuff it’s great really fast beat it’s nothing like the turbo that used to get really boring but I tell you you don’t get bored with this you don’t have the energy to be bored ha ha doing this there’s a full programme of classes they run all year I’ve been going twice a week over the winter it’s a great work-out it’s £10 a session but that’s not bad and they do free water you should see some of the women they’re way fitter than you are I might stop riding on the road completely there’s a load of videos on You Tube check it out you don’t have to go to classes but when you see all these people sweating in the mirror it’s really motivating spinning that’s what they call it ‘coz you’re like spinning the pedals.”

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