Cycling Monologues No 13 – The Data Junkie

“So anyway my resting heart rate is 64 which has gone down since I started cycling Indurain’s was 32 and Bjorn Borg was 27 of course he wasn’t a cyclist I did an FTP test and that showed 242 apparently Froome did about 460 on that climb last year they said Hoy could do like 1800 for about 10 seconds and Wiggo was over 500 for the hour record and Sagan put out some massive number on that final climb when he won the Worlds it’s a secret though, Armstrong’s was higher but he was cheating of course but still, but those numbers are meaningless really what you need is w/kg which is how many watts per kilo of body weight now I weigh 13 stone which is about 80 kilos or something I think you divide the 13 by 2.2 no that’s not right you multiply anyway I think my w/kg is about 3 whereas Froome’s is 5 so he’s like 2/5 better than me but you can’t judge it like that anyway it’s meaningless because the key thing now is Vo2 max which is how you process oxygen you know breathing mine is 62 I did this test Greg Lemond’s was like 84 but that was before he got shot ha ha but that’s meaningless really they say cadence is the thing Contador can do like 120 for an hour going uphill of course he stands up I couldn’t do that it’s all on the Garmin and then I put it on Training Peaks and Golden Shower it’s all analysed no I’m not on Strava I don’t want everyone to see my numbers I’m hoping to get a power meter apparently all the pros use them it really helps with training I don’t know what it’s for what’s your FTP then have you done a test you can do it over 20 minutes or an hour if you do it over 20 minutes you multiply it by 0.95 or is it 2.2 now I’m confused no I don’t know why I read it somewhere anyway that tells you the number I’m doing Trainer Road now it’s got all my data on no I don’t have time to go out for a ride now I have to analyse all  these numbers what does your bike weigh mine is like 7 kilos which is about 16 pounds in real money but that’s without me on it obviously which adds a bit ha ha I’m hoping to get a new bike maybe a Trek Emonda I need to lose some weight that would help my Vo2 what did you say your FTP was.”

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